Procedure Rajkot



Representation should be in writing duly signed by the complainant with his name and address.

Representation should be supported with affidavit.

True copy of order of Forum and original complaint made before Forum should be attached. Enclosed documents should be certified copies of the original documents.

The representation before Ombudsman should be submitted within 30 days from the date of order of Forum.

Copy of representation should be submitted at the office of Ombudsman. Copy of representation should be submitted to all respondents.

If the complainant is required to pay any amount according to the order of Forum, one-third of such amount should be deposited by complainant and proofs should be attached along with the representation

The matter should not be pending before the competent Forum or any other court, tribunal, arbitrator or any other authority

The Representation does not fall under sections 126, 127, 135 to 139, 152 and 161 of the Act

The Ombudsman may reject the Representation at any stage if it appears to him that the Representation is:

(1). frivolous, vexatious, malafide;

(2). without any sufficient cause;

(3). there is no prima facie loss or damage or inconvenience caused to the Complainant; or

(4).complicated in nature such that the Representation requires consideration of elaborate documentary and oral evidence and the proceedings before the Ombudsman are not appropriate for adjudication of such Representations.

Representation may be submitted in English or Gujarati language.