Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message

Shri Anand Kumar


The Electricity Act, 2003 empowers the Regulatory Commissions to manage the power sector efficiently and significantly enlarges their functions and responsibilities. The Act has entrusted the Regulatory Commissions with, in addition to tariff fixation, responsibilities/functions to create an environment conducive to promoting growth, efficiency and economy in the power sector as well as to safeguard the interests of the consumers.

GERC aims to make significant contributions in rapid growth and transformation of the power sector in Gujarat by introducing a proactive, forward-looking, transparent and effective regulatory framework to balance the interests of licensees/utilities and that of consumers, thereby achieving the twin objectives of ensuring reasonable return to investors and at the same time protecting the interests of consumers.

GERC puts tremendous focus on issues of consumer grievance redressal and public participation. As per the provisions of the Act, an independent Ombudsman is appointed, the State Advisory Committee and Coordination Forum are constituted, frequent meetings are held to discuss various issues in seeking members’ views in contributing to various initiatives of the Commission. GERC ensures that all the distribution utilities have established Consumer Grievances Redressal Forums so as to address grievances in timely and consumer friendly manner.

GERC takes all efforts to ensure an overall rapid and sustainable development of renewable energy by updating a comprehensive tariff and regulatory framework in respect of solar, wind, biomass and bagasse based power projects and ensuring proper implementation of regulations made in this regard.

GERC is committed to undertake a multi-pronged approach to promote consumer awareness and their empowerment. Further, GERC is committed to provide ‘clean electricity’ to consumers optimizing all the resources to maximize social welfare. Besides, GERC believes in hassle free access to power with a regular assessment of compliance and enforcement of its orders and regulations.